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eZ-Xpo: Empowering the Church’s Mission

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The church has its sole mission to propagate and share the message of god throughout the world. And this mission is the only reason why despite the challenges encountered throughout the ages, it never ceases to exist. The church and other communities continually deliver their mission and bring the good news to all the people in many ways. Aside from service and holy mass the pastors of the church are using different mediums just to continue to persuade people and bring them closer to god or to the belief that they wanted to spread to the world. Seminars, symposiums, conferences,…

eZ-XPO Instant Virtual Booth – Launch Your Virtual Expo in Zero Time!

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Hello everyone! eZ-XPO is excited to share with you that you can now launch your virtual expo in zero time with Instant Virtual Booth Creation in 1 simple step as part of the standard registration! (note – no wonder our corp name is “eZ-Xpo). All you need is a logo, url, or video (optional) from your exhibitor! as shown below For a free trial, please contact [email protected] or call 1-888-718-5333.

Asian Business Association of Silicon Valley | Virtual Expo

eZ-Xpo – Virtual Expo Network helps empower non-profit  and for-profit organizations through connection, collaboration, and innovation.  ABA of SV is working with Matt to develop an effective and efficient way for Supplier Diversity, Small to Medium to Large Businesses growth, and educational seminars – EB-5 to cybercrime prevention.  Please contact us; if you are interested or wish to be part of a program designed to boost the business economy and/or to enrich non-profit organizations.” – Darlene Mar, V.P. of Business Development, Asian Business Association of Silicon Valley.

eZ-XPO 3.0 – Pre-Launch Beta

Hello everyone, Want to create a Virtual Collaborative Network for your company that can constantly bring qualified leads to your company and strategic partners? Please check out our latest 3.0 – pre-launch! We are running a special pre-launch discount 30% till June 1, 2014. For more detailed information, please email us at [email protected] with subject line – “eZ-XPO Collaborative Network”. Thanks, Matt

How to Find Your Best Talents in Virtual Job Fair

Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you that the Stand Foundation is launching the 1st ever Virtual Job Fair in Arkansas. For the 1st 100 attendees, we are giving away FREE ebooks and online course on Job Breakthrough Tips – How to Create Your Own Job How to Ace Your Interview How to Rock Your Resume Please register now!    

We had a lift off from RS2013 – the World’s 1st Virtual Space Conference

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Hello everyone, We are excited to share with everyone that we had a successful lift off from RS2013 – the world’s 1st Virtual Space Conference for the aerospace industry. Over 100K members will be notificed to access to his exciting event! Please check out the World’s 1st Virtual Space Conference with a FREE passcode. We will shut it down early next week for public.   Matt

JumpStart Local City Economy for America Now

In spite of today’s government shutdown, we have a new JumpStart Local City Economy for America. We can’t rely on the government to help jumpstart local economy – we need to do it now with joint collaboration with every stakeholder in every city across the country! Below is a quick summary of our JumpStart America Solution – Every City – States!  JumpStart Local Business & Start-up Ecosystem JumpStart Global Trade Ecosystem  JumpStart Job Creation & Training Ecosystem    If you are intersted in joining forces with us, please contact me at [email protected] or your local strategic partner. Thanks, Matt  

New Feature for Maximum Exposure & Visibiilty for Virtual Trade Show & Expo

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Hello everyone, Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am excited to share with you that we have added another powerful feature that will give every sponsor a big lift for visibility. As you can see below in the RS2013 Virtual Space Conference, we can add a rotating sponsor (logo) banner in the Lobby. It is another reason why Sponsor can get the most visibility. Stay tuned for more exciting news! Have a great week! Thanks, Matt P.S. Last call for free registration for Virtual Space Conference –