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eZ-XPO 3.0 – Pre-Launch Beta

Hello everyone, Want to create a Virtual Collaborative Network for your company that can constantly bring qualified leads to your company and strategic partners? Please check out our latest 3.0 – pre-launch! We are running a special pre-launch discount 30% till June 1, 2014. For more detailed information, please email us at [email protected] with subject line – “eZ-XPO Collaborative Network”. Thanks, Matt


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[title color=”color-default” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-6em”]JumpStart Innovation 2014 [/title]     Disrupt Startup Expo with a Collaborative Startup Marketplace: * Showcase your product 24/7 * Connect, Collaborate & Promote * Constant Lead Generation * Higher Marketing ROI   Sign up NOW for a FREE Virtual Booth       Subscribe to our mailing list* indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Email Format html text

How to Find Your Best Talents in Virtual Job Fair

Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you that the Stand Foundation is launching the 1st ever Virtual Job Fair in Arkansas. For the 1st 100 attendees, we are giving away FREE ebooks and online course on Job Breakthrough Tips – How to Create Your Own Job How to Ace Your Interview How to Rock Your Resume Please register now!  http://www.JobExpo365.com/thestand    

JumpStart Local City Economy for America Now

In spite of today’s government shutdown, we have a new JumpStart Local City Economy for America. We can’t rely on the government to help jumpstart local economy – we need to do it now with joint collaboration with every stakeholder in every city across the country! Below is a quick summary of our JumpStart America Solution – Every City – States!  JumpStart Local Business & Start-up Ecosystem JumpStart Global Trade Ecosystem  JumpStart Job Creation & Training Ecosystem    If you are intersted in joining forces with us, please contact me at [email protected] or your local strategic partner. Thanks, Matt  

Private Business Network Marketplace with Unlimited Virtual Trade Shows

Hello Everyone, eZ-Xpo offers the world’s 1st Private Business Network Marketplace with unlimited virtual trade show capabilities all networked together. Attendees can access to multiple virtual trade show and expo with one single sign-in. The Private Business Network Marketplace is similar to a pay-for-view tv channel where you can switch to multiple TV channels. Please watch this tutorial on how eZ-Xpo’s Private Business Network Marketplace will help your organization to boost massive traffic,   engagement, and frequency for a long-term business relationship. Each Private Business Network Marketplace can network with unlimited  virtual expo marketplaces both inside the community and outside the…

eZ-Xpo 2.0 Pre-Launch Virtual Event Video

I am very excited to share with you that we have created a new Sales Video for eZ-Xpo 2.0 – a New Game Changer for Unlimited Virtual Events and VirtualExpos at any single domain anytime anywhere. I think this is something everyone has been looking for. Matt

eZ-Xpo 2.0 – SuperXpo for Unlimited Expo Opportunities

Happy Holiday to all, I would like to share this exciting product news – eZ-Xpo 2.0: Stay tuned for more exciting news in the next few weeks!

eZ-Xpo – Virtual Business Ecosystem Marketplace

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eZ-Xpo – Virtual Business EcoSystem Marketplace View more presentations from eLearningZoom.

Why eZ-Xpo?

eZ-Xpo is a revolutionary new approach to virtual events and virtual tradeshows. It is the only virtual event platform that automatically integrates with built-in marketing campaigns, and follows up with every prospect before, during, and after the virtual event. eZ-Xpo goes beyond traditional trade show and virtual event tools by harnessing the unique advantages and power of the Internet, proven best of class marketing automation technologies (i.e., eZ-Contact and eZ-Web Meeting) and making everything available to you in an integrated and intuitive online event platform. With affordable and flexible price points, eZ-Xpo’s software-as-a-service model can dramatically reduce travel time and…

Features of eZxpo

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eZ-Xpo – 1st industry All-in-1 Virtual Event Marketing Automation Platform – Live, On-Demand, On-going 24/7 Overview eZ-Xpo is the first to marry virtual event platform, learning management system, email m eZ-Xpo – 1st industry All-in-1 Virtual Event Marketing Automation Platform – Live, On-Demand, On-going 24/7 Overview eZ-Xpo is the first to marry virtual event platform, learning management system, email marketing campaign into a single application that is driven by a powerful marketing automation engine. It delivers effective real-time, on-demand, on-going virtual event that allows you to strategically and cost-effectively create, manage, and deliver personalized virtual expos, tradeshows, and conferences that…