eLearningZoom LMS Integration

eZ-Xpo is the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual event platform provider to have a full integration with learning management system (eLearningZoom) and Social Learning Integration to provide online continuing education and education tracks for global live events such as trade shows, user conferences, concerts, sports, entertainment, personal events and virtual expo marketplaces.

According to the most recent Digital Event Benchmark Report from VEI (Virtual Edge Institute), almost 40% of respondents offer continuing education credits at their in-person events. VEI also found that 80% of event attendees report that having event content available online is both an incentive and a justification for attending in person.

Content is king. Online education content and continuing education credits are definitely driving the incentive value for attendees and exhibitors to participate both in virtually any physical events.

We make it easier for all event organizers and exhibitors to offer online courses (both live and on-demand) by integrating Social Learning and Virtual Expo Marketplace with one single sign-on so that every attendee can take the courses at their convenience. This helps optimize everyone’s time and money for maximum ROI. As a result, we can deliver the best of all worlds in a single portal.

With this strategic learning management system integration, eZ-Xpo and eLearningZoom can enable event organizer, attendees, and exhibitors to offer both live and on-demand courses:

Event Organizers – Organizers have the ability to offer online courses (both live and on-demand) and continuing education for credits. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an online certificate. Event Organizers can create a portfolio of elearning library for future attendees and exhibitors at eLearningZoom Social Learning Marketplace.

Exhibitors – Exhibitors can easily create and update online courses (both live and on-demand) and a portfolio of elearning library to educate attendees on their products and services through eLearningZoom Social Learning Marketplace. Exhibitors can easily track attendees activities based on the course reporting analytics.

Attendees – Attendees can easily take online courses and continuing education courses through the single sign-on integration between eZ-Xpo Network and eLearningZoom Social Learning Marketplace.

Through a library portfolio of elearning courses, eZ-Xpo LMS Integration will continue to help revolutionize how we boost value for meeting planners, event planners, and exhibitors, attendees, every physical and virtual event.

Available now, eZ-Xpo Network and eLearningZoom customers have access to the eZ-Xpo Learning Management System at eLearningZoom.

eZ-Xpo 2.0 is built to help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction while at the same time boost their bottom lines. The eZ-Xpo Platform’s new All-in-1 Virtual Trade Show Marketplace solution for social Customer Relationship Management offers a variety of advantages to other platforms. It includes Automatic marketing automation, Daily Deal feature, knowledge sharing and marketing intelligence.