eZ-Xpo: Empowering the Church’s Mission

The church has its sole mission to propagate and share the message of god throughout the world. And this mission is the only reason why despite the challenges encountered throughout the ages, it never ceases to exist. The church and other communities continually deliver their mission and bring the good news to all the people in many ways. Aside from service and holy mass the pastors of the church are using different mediums just to continue to persuade people and bring them closer to god or to the belief that they wanted to spread to the world. Seminars, symposiums, conferences, camps, retreats, confessions, etc. are among those things that these communities are doing to proliferate the good news to the people. However the main challenge here is that not all the people has the luxury of going to the church or to the monasteries to participate on those church’s activities; for some reasons like distance, communication, transportation and most especially time.

But that was the main challenge in the past – but today NOT anymore. We are blessed with the most advance technology that can help us comply and accomplish our mission in this world. We have the gift from our creator that even those challenges above can be addressed with no sweat at all. In the past, if you can’t go to the supermarket to buy your groceries or can’t drive to the restaurant to dine you’ll starve until you decide to go there anyway, living your works behind. You’ll need to travel for hours or even days just to replenish your stocks in the fridge. But now with your laptop or tablet, or even your cell phone you can order foods, kitchenware, small or big equipment and even toiletries in an instant and that will be delivered to you in no time. That’s how wonderful this world is today.

Everything, even the problem of the church or any other communities and congregation to propagate the message of god to every corners of the world is no longer an issue. All you need is a computer, a little time, a negligible investment and the knowledge on how to do it right, you could baptize the people of the world in no time.

eZ-Xpo can help you do your mission in this world and can make the life of every pastors of the church easier in 4 folds:

  • eZ-Xpo can get the message delivered in no time.
  • eZ-Xpo can get the message delivered in every corner of the world.
  • eZ-Xpo can get your priceless message delivered with a least cost.
  • eZ-Xpo can help you fully integrate technology and spiritual life without risking once salvation.

With eZ-Xpo, pastors can run unlimited virtual summit or conferences with built-in live chat, whiteboard, illustrations, presentations, and screen-sharing with multiple speakers which allow an open interaction. Instead of just letting the people read a message or watch videos about the teachings of the Lord, the believers may be able to interact and ask questions in an instant, enabling them clarify stimulating topics and to fully understand the message.

eZ-Xpo collaborative environment that allows the participant to gain as much knowledge and updates from different points of view directly from the speakers themselves is a great advantage, as well. This clarifies their perception and lets the participant to challenge ideas that are unfavorable or maybe challenging to grasp on that very setting. There’s no need to make phone calls or send letters about the said question to be answered or much worst visit the monastery to clarify a certain idea in the video or a message from the letter received.

Also, eZ-Xpo is operational 24/7 so the congregation may conduct an activity anytime of the day without any challenge of getting a conducive time and venue for the said activity, not to mention the convenience that you one get for not having to waste his or her time travelling or missing a precious moment that could be utilized to some other valuable things. This is exactly a profound benefit of having it available in a live streaming to access it anytime and anywhere without interrupting ones workflow.

eZ-Xpo could help everybody from around the globe with one common goal meet together as one, to share their thoughts and impart learning without spending thousands for the cost of travel and extravagant venues to entice people to listen to the message of the Lord.

eZ-Xpo makes every opportunity turn into possibilities, and possibilities into reality.

Connect to the people of God now and start spreading the good news to the people, all over the world. Visit our site at www.eZ-Xpo.com or contact us at 1-888-718-5333.

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