Connect, Collaborate, & Promote with Your Strategic Partners, Fundraisers, & Donators Worldwide

Fundraising for your cause 24/7 with the fastest time-to-crowdfund through eZ-Xpo’s Virtual Expo Network Marketplace.

Reward Driven Fundraising

Donors are getting burned out, and we’re fixing that problem. We don’t sit back and give you a way to collect donations online. Upon making a donation, your donors can receive tangible benefit services and products for their donation from our eZ-Xpo Virtual Expo Network Marketplace.

A Powerful Collaborative Fundraising Solution to Maximize Your Fundraising Success

Your organization can quickly and easily start a crowdfunding campaign leveraging eZ-Xpo portfolios of virtual expo networks (i.e., Virtual Job Fair,Virtual Business Expo, Social Learning, Virtual Book Expo, Virtual Talent Show etc.) in minutes.
You can track donations through your account dashboard. Manage your fundraiser. Share it with friends, family, and supporters using our powerful tools. We’ve got everything you need to take your fundraising initiatives to the next level.

Our team is focused on helping great organizations have more of an impact in their community.

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