Small & Medium Business

JumpStart Your Business by Promoting All Your Partners’ Products & Services
In today’s competitive market landscape, everyone is bombarded with social media information and interruptions, so it is critical that we change the game. Instead of just promoting your products and services, your company should start promoting all your partners’ products and services instead of yours. By doing so, you change the game with a collaborative partnership strategy that can pull more qualified leads and traffic to your business. This is exactly how Apple iTunes and Amazon have created their massive traffic marketplace.

Now, your company can do the same starting with your strategic partners ecosystem and create the next “iTunes” of your industry with the eZ-Xpo virtual expo marketplace with live and on-demand engagement, developing a direct connection to customers.

eZ-Xpo offers the world’s 1st All-in-1 Virtual Business Expo Marketplace specifically to help jump-start every local business by industry, city, state, and country. It brings the best of all worlds, combining Virtual Expo showcase capabilities as well as Daily Deals (Groupon’s staple) with Yelp’s rating and review capabilities.

Organizations such as business networking associations and communities can also offer multiple applications like Virtual Job Fairs, Social Learning, and Virtual Business Expos with one single sign on capability.